{ empirical bootcamp }

Today was my first time doing Empirical bootcamp at CrossFit Empirical with Gui Innacio.  He kicked my butt, and even though I was the only one there today, and I didn’t like that I was, because I couldn’t slack while he was coaching someone else lol he pushed me to do my best.  Excited for this sunday’s first #empiricalbootcamp on the beach.

Here was today’s workout:

Metcon for time

400 m run
3 rounds
5 pushups
10 situps
15 air squats
200m run
2 rounds
5 pushups
10 situps
15 air squats
100 m run
1 round
5 pushups
10 situps
15 air squats

Plus a 10 min amrap
250 m row
10 burpees

And 3 rounds of 
20 second plank
10 min rest
20 second side plank
10 min rest
20 second side plank


[ earth . air. fire. water ]

Thinking of my next tattoo.  Something that means something to me.  Starting idea, the symbols for air and earth, and a modification of the symbol for fire and water (which are not in this picture).


{ dream house }

Every year for memorial day weekend we get to go to my father in law’s for family time.  We always have a wonderful time and we always look forward to that time of the year.   I love their home, they have done such an amazing job at decorating.  Their house is so cozy and every corner is full of inspiration.













{baby time}

We had the pleasure to celebrate the new addition to the Saver family. Congratulations Lauren and Brian what a blessing. We can’t wait to meet her.

Cafe Chardonnay was the perfect location and everything was both beautiful and delicious. We had an amazing time.



{ xiokat } one of my favorites

I always look forward to the { friday five } post from { xiokat }.  I always end up filled with inspiration after I read the post =). It’s a must check. Click here for the latest post:  { friday five } or here for all of them: http://bit.ly/17TxkeR

Picture 16

{ photo by xiokat }